Tips For Your First Experience With Bi-Sexual Escorts

Escorts are the best option for companionship and for fulfilling any hidden sexual desire.  There are many women who hire the lesbian escorts for themselves to fulfill theirdesire of sex. These escorts are trained and givea highly pleasurable experience of sex. Also, you can share your secrets, mysteries, stress and they provide you a relaxation conversation so that you can relax and enjoy a beautiful time with her. In London, there are lots of women who hire the bi-sexual or lesbian escorts for themselves. If it is your first experience of lesbian escort London then you should keep in mind some things when you meet with her.

Some important tips when you are meeting for the first time with bi-sexual escorts are as follows.

Communicate with escorts

If you are nervous then you can communicate with escorts for relaxing. If you have hired them for sexual pleasure then you can share your likes and dislikes with them. The escorts are there to provide you your desired services so you should open up about your desires without feeling shy. You should tell them the touch, rough or gentle, the sex poses, if you like foreplay etc.

Do preparation

If you are doing some extra preparation in the room then it is quite appreciating and shows that you are too interested to meet her. If you wear sexy lingerie then it is a bonus point for you.


It is natural to feel nervous when you are in the arms of your stunning escort.Do not feel ashamed from this situation. A better solution to reduce the nervousness is a sensual body massage. Allow the escort to touch and give you the power to slow your breathing down.


If you want to be physical with escorts then you have to be mentally prepared. You have to understand that lesbian sex is different from sex between normal couples. If it is your first experience then you should not expect mind blowing sex with escorts as it takes time to understand the needs.