Build Up Sexual Tension With Naughty Emojis

If you are a fan of emojis then you will definitely like to try out the sex emojis. This type of emoji is completely revolutionizing the methods of texting. Now, more and more people are getting involved in exchanging emojis with their partners during sexting.  Some of the websites allow the users to download sex emojis directly and use the emoji keyboard for typing text messages. It can be quite embarrassing for the beginners to directly use the sex emojis while chatting with their girlfriends or casual dates. So, they can begin with some combinations of general emojis to create sexual messages.

Try out the combination of emojis

It is easier for anyone to express their sexual desires or erotic feeling with the porn or sex emoji. You just have to choose the boob emoji, penis emoji, fuck emoji or other similar type of emoji. But if you want to send the erotic message in an encrypted form so that no one else could understand it or you want to tease your partner then use the combination of two or more emojis. This is a perfect way to create a secret code for your sexy emotions.

Some well known emoji meanings

Here is a list of some of the most common types of emojis with their hidden meaning:

  • Eggplant is the penis
  • Peach is the butt
  • Cherry is the virgin vagina
  • Tongue out means you are ready
  • Fire signals means that you are feeling erotic or looking hot
  • Drops shows orgasms

Along with these, you can even find the emojis showing the sex position like 69 and the up-down thrusts in the sex acts. If you are combining emojis like France’s flag plus lips it means French kiss. Similarly, if you are combining a selfie taking hand with two melons or a banana, it means you want to have the nude pic of your partner. There are many more emoji combos to try out for making your sexting more interesting.