How to promote yourself as an escort?

Hey, are you an escort lady and you don’t know how to market yourself? Do you like to have sex for money but not sure how to start promoting your services? Apart from social media, blogging, etc … there is also adult SEO that can be done.

First of all, when it comes to social media, you must be careful not be completely naked. In most cases, most social networks might suspend your account if you post naked pictures of yourself. Of course, this does not apply to Twitter or Tumblr (if you could call it social network). However, I do believe that Instagram and Facebook can actually suspend your account if you publish nude photos of yourself.

There are other ways to promote yourself – have your own website where you put naked pictures of yourself or yourself in action. Of course, since it is your own website, you are the queen of it all and you decide what you want to put on it. You can put videos of yourself. Videos can be you getting undressed or you playing with your pussy. Of course it can also be hardcore porn video with another porn star or your friend.

You can also create a teaser video and upload those videos on sites like XVideo, Xhamster, RedTube and similar. The imagination is yours. Of course, you should also put a link in description or on video which says that if you wish to see more, you should follow the link.

Then the last bit that I ca advice is to do SEO for your porn website. It’s not as complicated or as hard it looks because not many people are doing SEO for adult websites. The best place to start is to look for SEO agencies that can actually provide links from adult websites.

Where is the best place for sex cams?

Hey, have you noticed that with increased technology and stuff, there is also increased supply (and demand, of course) for sex cams? There are many people getting cams now and filming themselves having sex or, perhaps, jerking off. And for what? For our enterntainment, of course …

Of course, there are many cam sites that actually charge you but there are also free ones where you can watch as much live cam sex as you want. There are thousands of different channels, actually. Live cam sites are a great way to watch something new. Of course you can go to porn sites and watch porn there. However, all the videos are being filmed professionally and usually they are used as teaser trailers to send you to their full movies where you end up paying lots of cash.

When it comes to cam sites, it’s different. Whenever you watch a live sex cam channel, you will see everything live, that means that someone is having sex at this right moment and you are seeing it first. There are plenty of different categories and one of my favourite ones is a solo girl masturbating or lesbian or shemale (either masturbating or fucking another shemale/girl).

These channels can be watched during night when you go to bed, you might wish to get aroused before you jerk off, or perhaps, you just love watching other people having sex. The choice is always yours.

So how can ou watch live sex at any time you wish? Well, there are sites that have thousands of live sex streamers with different time zones. So if it’s 2 AM at your place, it’s always 2 PM somewhere else. Of course other cam girls or cam boys also work at night. If they are having a sex night, why not filming and showing off to other people who love watching them having sex?

What is JAV porn?

For most people, when it comes to JAV porn, mind goes right into programming related porn. JAV is very similar to JAVA and stuff like that. But then again, JAV porn is not programming related. JAV porn is actually Japanese porn movies. And damn, they are really hardcore.

So first of all, why would you like JAV porn? First of all, we all know that hentai is cool. So many fantasy scenes could be fullfilled in a single hentai movie. Japan is a country where many ladyboys exist. A lot of them actually look like girls therefore JAV porn is truly hardcore.

As an exmaple, you know the movie called Paranormal Activity? Well, Japanese can be so hardcore, they have made movie called Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night. It is way scarier than the original, American version. This post is not about these movies though – it’s about JAV porn movies and JAV streaming.

So, to tell you the real thing about JAV, they are really hardcore, Japanese porn is so creative and crazy. A lot of those porn actors can suck their own cocks. If not suck, at least cum inside their own mouths. Of course, it makes super skinny. If a porn actor was ripped or fat, I am certain that they wouldn’t be able to do suck own cocks.

JAV porn is also amazing, as I mentioned above, there are a lot of transgender girls with cocks. There are lots of them who actually look like a real girl. My favourite is when two shemales have sex or when a shemale is fucking a girl. However, seing shemale fucking a guy or shemale being fucked by a guy is not as fun to watch.

So there you have it. I hope you know a littble bit more about JAV porn and why you should consider it.