Are porn websites doomed when it comes to marketing?

Every marketer knows that when it comes to market escort websites alone, not to mention harcore porn websites, it is very difficult and the resources are very limited as opposed to normal, “legit” niches.

But then of course, people who don’t nomrally work in adult industry, they really don’t know anything about how to properly perform adult SEO. Of course, it is much tougher industry mainly because it is very limited, however, you should never say “no” when you get a new client who is in escort niche.

Look, if you wish to do SEO for your adult clients, then you should do more research and there are certain websites where you can actually put links on. For example, there are shit loads of directories and business listings that accept porn links. All you need to do is to use your biggest friend or enemy – Google (depending on how you look at things, of course). You would need to execute a very specific query to easily find all directories that would allow adult links.

Of course, you will need more than directory links to outrank your competitors. The problem with directories and business listings is that your competitors can get the exactly the same links. This is quite common to reverse-engineer link portfolio of your competition so it is very likely that your competitors try to get as many links as you have.

But then again, there are other ways to build links. The kind of links that your competitors cannot discover and cannot replicate. Yes, you probably guessed it right – private blog networks, also known as PBN. These are perfect for adult and porn websites. Also, there are a lot of adult domains expiring and people won’t rush to register because majority of people build normal, non-adult networks. That means that majority of your competition are not even in the game.